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MM Technology offers a complete virtual portfolio, relative to competition


    Recharge your account securely through our secure platform.


    Pay all your bills online thanks to MoneyCell (education, water, electricity ...).


    Customer loyalty programs for merchants


    Wire money quickly, safely and at the best price (between peer-to-peer).


    The settlement of transactions at merchants (Supermarket, Gas ...).


    Pay safely shopping on all platforms for online sales ...

Use your mobile device for all your payments, in total security

, a new payment method merging one’s mobile phone and physical wallet, has been developed to answer consumers and merchants’ unmet needs. We focus on three marketplace trends as defined per the below:

Although several business payment systems exist, retailers and merchants require a more convenient and more affordable service with a simple method of transferring money, anytime and anyplace. Furthermore, they also need to better understand their consumers’ behaviours in order to gain their loyalty.

MoneyCell is THE Electronic Wallet solution. In other words, it's the fusion of a physical wallet and a mobile phone. Everything a real wallet contains can now be virtualized into the MoneyCell system. With NFC technology (Near Field Communication), as well as WAP-GPRS and SMS communications, MoneyCell transforms your mobile phone into your wallet, loose change and so much more, simply by connecting every system involved. MoneyCell's technology allows every system to communicate within a unique and very special gateway, the heart of MoneyCell. Therefore, the security of MoneyCell becomes the security of every system combined. This is the innovation driving MoneyCell!

We will offer our customers an alternative that optimizes the content of their current physical wallet through our stored value account and by integrating loyalty cards, retail coupons, payment cards, mobile phone prepaid cards, ID cards, gift cards, transit ticketing, long distance prepaid cards and much more in one and only solution: MoneyCell.

With MoneyCell, customers will from now on perform faster transactions by eliminating time-consuming paperwork with greater convenience and mobility, not to mention that it’s safer and less expensive than traditional money transfers and payments solutions.

Our solution has been purposely designed to be compatible with all mobile devices provided by any telecommunications operators and is based on contactless proximity connectivity, more precisely NFC-RFID technology.

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